“The long way to Cleveland, with interesting stops along the way.”
Saturday May 13, 2017

8:15 am
Depart Detroit.

toledolib39:30 am
Arrive Toledo Lucas County Public Library (Hahn & Hayes, 1940.)
Toledo is famous as a center for glass manufacturing, and this building features extensive use of Vitrolite, an opaque pigmented architectural glass (1935-47) made by the Libbey-Owens-Ford Company of Toledo. The library construction was partially funded by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), and features some wonderful glass mosaics set within the Vitrolite walls.


toledounionterm110:30 am
Arrive Toledo Central Union Terminal (Robert Crosbie, 1950.)
The last of the large urban train terminals constructed in the US by a national railroad company—in this case, the New York Central. This Streamline Moderne structure, “a palace of glass,” has large bands of glass block on the exterior and extensive use of Vitrolite within the interior. It’s still used by Amtrak for rail passenger service.


12:15 pm
Box lunch

weltzheimer-johnson12:45 pm
Arrive Oberlin, to see the Weltzheimer-Johnson House (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1949.)
One of the “Usonian” houses of Frank Lloyd Wright, this house is intentionally modest compared to many of his more famous homes. Of course, it still went way over budget, as Wright’s projects usually did. It’s now owned and managed by nearby Oberlin College. An unusual feature is the use of redwood, which is common in California but rare in Ohio.


3:00 pm
Leave Oberlin

amishbuggy5:00 pm
Arrive Holmes County. Eighty miles south of Cleveland is the world’s largest Amish community, a strict traditional Christian faith with Swiss Anabaptist origins. They are known for simple rural living, plain dress, and not adopting modern technologies. Typically, there are prohibitions or severe limitations on the use of electricity, telephones, and automobiles. You’ll experience the rare treat to have dinner in an Amish home. Think hearty farm cooking like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and several kinds of pie (the Amish are famous for their pies.) We think this will especially appeal to our friends from outside the US!

9:00 pm
Arrive Downtown Cleveland.

Cost of tour: $85 per person