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    Beach Cruisers

    Best Bike for Pleasure Riding

    Imagine pedaling your bike casually over the sand, letting the salty beach comb through your hair as you zigzag through sand castles and sunbathers. It is no wonder that the cruiser design has remained one of the highest selling bicycle models for nearly a century.

A Vintage Look

The primary beach cruiser model was popularized in the 1930s, giving today's model an appealing vintage look. Including classic accessories such as chrome fenders, white wall tires, and a front basket full of fresh flowers harkens even further back to this iconic design.

Riding Versatility

The cruiser bicycle is a larger, heavier subset of hybrid bicycles. Their heavier frame and larger balloon tires give them more structural stability when riding over surfaces such as sand or gravel, making them the ideal model for slow speed pleasure riding.

The Most Comfort

A beach cruiser is typically single speed, which not only simplifies the day-to-day riding experience, but results in reduced maintenance. An upright seating posture, padded saddle, and easy-reach handlebars allow for a natural, upright riding position.

A Well-Designed Bicycle

Cruisers are designed specifically for ease of use, dependability and comfort, rather than speed, allowing you to take in the sights and scenery around you. They transition easily from sand to pavement and are often the best choice for short distance commuting and pleasure riding.